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You get in the box some lovely goodies:



3DL48 016-SPACE1  (3D Raised Instrument Panel Set)

Resin Wheels

Resin Gun Barrels



Markings Options x 7

1. MIG-15bis, s/n 613707, 17th Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Czechoslovak Air Force, Hradcany, 1961.

2. S-103, s/n 623838, 3rd Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Czechoslovak Air Force, Brno, 1956.

3. S-103, 30th Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Czechoslavak Air Force Hradec Kralove, 1970s.

4. S-103, 47th Reconnaissance Regiment, Czechoslavak Air Force, Mlada, 1955.

5.  MIG-15bis, DDR Air Force, late 1950s.

6. MIG-15bis, s/n 231767, Romanian Air Force, Deveselu, 1962.

7. MIG-15bis, pilot Abd el-Rahman Muharram, Egyptian Air Force Suez War, Lake Bardawil, 31st Ocober 1956.

1/48 HOBBY 2000 H2K48007LE MIG-15bis/S-103 LIMITED EDITION